Your Eye Test

More than just letters!!

We understand that some patients get very anxious about eye tests, and we pride ourselves on making every individual who visits us from Swansea, Neath, Morriston, Swansea Valley, Pontardawe and Gower feel at ease.

Remember - patients don’t fail eye tests, and although not everyone will read the smallest letters, we work hard on your behalf to maximise your visual potential.

No reading ability is necessary!

We can measure and examine children’s eyes by using simplified tests and special torches.

We encourage all children to have regular eye examinations, and suggest starting tests as young as 2 to 3 years of age to screen for major long-sightedness, short-sightedness, lazy eyes, squints and eye health conditions.

Some additional tests done with children include:

  • Colour vision – this is inherited as normal or deficient, and deficiency is more common in boys than girls, affecting 1 in 12 boys. This is usually tested by identifying large coloured numbers or simple patterns within a page of coloured spots
  • Stereopsis - This procedure essentially checks for 3D vision, which is an indicator that the eyes working as a pair and developing normally. This is usually done with a card where certain pictures are only visible if 3D vision is present (not nearly as difficult as the 'magic eye' pictures!)

Visit our Book Your Eye Test page for further information on our high quality eye care services.

What our customers said about us

Friendly and Professional staff, Good with children. Would highly recommend Bater and Stout to all family and friends.

A Harding (43) (14/04/2015)

Optician made us feel at ease and my youngest daughter who is 3 did not want to leave as she was enjoying it too much. Stress free experience!! Thanks.

C Jones (14/04/2015)

Really good service, any questions are always answered thoroughly, along with any concerns. Testing is efficient and also thorough and all staff are always friendly and professional. Would recommend to anyone!

L Harrington (21) (11/04/2015)

Mr Stout is very natural with children, Makes the experience fun. Well done to you!

C Plambeck (10) (02/04/2015)

I take all my foster children and when mine and my husband’s eye test is due, we will be coming here as well.

A Howells (01/04/2015)

Excellent service, very nice and positive for children

J Doherty (7) (14/04/2015)

Myself, husband, son and daughter have our eyes tested here. Very pleased with the service, my son has had a patch for his eyes but now fine. My daughter hopefully will be trying new contact lens treatment when she is 9yrs old. Very happy

K Bowen (38) (16/04/2015)

 All staff are friendly and helfull.  Made me feel comfortable whilst having my eyes tested.

A Mathias (18) (05/05/2015)

 The Children feel relaxed and the optician is very good with them.

A Williams (44) (09/04/2015)

 Excellent Service, wonderful with my son explained everything to me, not much room for improvement :)

S Collins (39) (12/05/2015)

 The children enjoyed the experience very much.  

M Gould (47) (12/05/2015)

 Very pleased, lovely atmosphere and very friendly and professional, fabulous with my daughter.

T D'Angeli (42) (12/05/2015)

 Started using Bater & Stout after having poor eye care at a major chain opticians.  Care has been excellent throughout my years as a customer.

C Davies Langley (12/05/2015)

 Very Friendly Service, Thorough examination of both children. Texting service good at reminding of appointments.

R Jones (16/05/2015)

Confident with Opticians on every visit as only the best for each individual cutomer is provided and as customer we feel strongly about this.

T Brown (40) (27/05/2015)

Receptionist staff friendly and helpful, Mr Stout very professional, friendly and happy. 

E O'Brian (31) (21/05/2015)

felt safe and happy to be seen :) 

B Fenwick (9) (27/05/2015)

Excellent customer care as always, the staff are welcoming and the service is professional.  The optician always offers to help me with specific eye problems when i am unable to get to the hospital.  

E Jones (14) (28/05/2015)

 Im happy to have my eyecare looked after by Bater & Stout, and always recommend to family and friends.

S Ford (21) (09/06/2015)

 All staff are lovely and are extremely helpful with any questions or concerns =)

K Davies (15) (10/06/2015)

 A very good and helpful experience, explained everything in detail.  would highly recommend to others

R Cullen (24) (10/06/2015)

 It is always a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. They provide distractions for the younger children which is always helpful.

S R L Thomas (9) (10/06/2015)

 Brilliant service from all the staff, Fab optician

J Erans (31) (16/06/2015)

 A lovely experience coming to the branch, staff always polite and always very helpful.

S Davies (42) (16/06/2015)

 Very good, & makes my child happy to come for eye test.

A Williams (5) (16/06/2015)

 My son had an amazing experience with Mr Stout, the patience and willing to please was exceptional.

E Savage (9) (16/06/2015)

 Quick and efficeint - Optician was very nice and explained everything well, the photos of my eyes were fascinating!

J Z Jackson (43) (12/06/2015)

 Whenever I come it is very friendly they are helpful and always inform me on the new things they have available. Wouldnt go anywhere else.  

K Lewis (17) (27/06/2015)

 Brilliant, friendly and helpfull staff. confident of a high service everytime we visit. Thank you

I Griffiths (8) (27/06/2015)

 I have always been treated with the upmost courtesy and professionalism. I would highly recommend Bater and Stout Opticians.

S Dawkins (55) (09/07/2015)

 We visited and was made to feel very welcome. Friendly and professional and the boys were totally at ease throughout the examination.  Many thanks once again.

M Davies (10) E Davies (8) (13/07/2015)

 Very friendly staff and examination was fun :-)

T Henry (9) (17/07/2015)

 It was a fun experience with a kind man!!

L fenwick (7) (01/08/2015)

 My Sons overall experience at Bater and Stout opticians was very good

S Rees (37) (08/08/2015)

 Appointment on time, helpful text appointment reminder the day before, friendly service. Put my daughter at ease, Overall very good.

S Lynn (42) (10/08/2015)

 Always helpful, staff willing to adapt to my needs, Wouldnt go anywhere else.

E Hoke (7yrs11months) (13/08/2015)

 We had excellent fun honking the horn after our eye tests!!

F Dutton (5) (13/08/2015)

 Very good - Optician had lots of patience with my son as he is not keen on having his eyes tested!!  Friendly and helpful service too!

O Davies (8) (14/08/2015)

 I got to choose new glasses, So i am very happy!!

H Dutton (9) (14/08/2015)

 Always recieve excellent service and you look after my daughter really well.  Caroline is a credit to you and is so knowledgable and amazing with H.  Thank you!!

H Thomas (10) (19/08/2015)

 The optician made the visit fun for my little boy, He already wants to return.  Faultless!!! *****

L Shellard (30) (21/08/2015)

 Pleasant, Variety of different specs, Staff very helpful, Would recommend to others.

S Bissett (55) (02/09/2015)

 Optician was very friendly and professional. Put my son at ease immediately.  Thank you xx

R Tyler (37) (06/10/2015)

 My 6 yr old daughter is a patient of the opticians and finds coming here very easy considering she needed drops.

J Bowen (6) (12/10/2015)

 I was seen on time, had a fun examination and left happy.  Dad was well informed regarding my eye health. Thanks

T Bath (7) (05/11/2015)

 The optometrist was absolutley fantastic!!  J thoroughly enjoyed his exprience today.

J Davey (4) (14/12/2015)

 Wonderful Experience for my son who wants contact lenses.  Was even given a quick trial of a lens.  

S Glover (14) (06/01/2016)

 Staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful.  The eye tests and contact lense checks are always thorough.  The optician helped me choose glasses that suit my face shape and style.  

L John (26) (06/01/2016)

 Thank you to Tony for making M and I's visit so child friendly!!  And for taking the time to explain things.

R Barker (38) (11/02/2016)

 Very good friendly service. Thank you :)

D & T Lenihan (10 & 8) (25/02/2016)

This was the first time D had had an eye test, She was put at ease and Mr Stout's friendly approach put her in the right frame of mind.  It was a fun experience for her. Thank you 

D L Thomas (8) (22/03/2016)

 Really child friendly excellent service and experience.  Full examination provided to both my son and myself.

C Barry (10) (30/03/2016)

 They are very friendly, very helpful.  The optician was out standing,

S L Smith (9) (30/03/2016)

C particularly enjoyed squeeking the pig and hoking the horn!!!! 

C Plambeck (11) (05/04/2016)

Brilliant, Fast service.  optician generously made time for contact lens consulation at short notice. Staff are welcoming and genuinely keen to help. 

C Jones (27) (05/04/2016)

Always very friendly and welcoming.  As a dad - very warming to be told/explained as of what tests are for. 

D Hyatt (10) (27/04/2016)

Fromt he moment you arrive you are made welcome, very friendly & polite.  The examination and sheer professionalism was brilliant.  First class from start to finish. Thank you 

G A Davies (11) (27/04/2016)

 Friendly and professional sevice, relaxed my daughter very well

M Shumack (10) (27/06/2016)

 Excellent when examining my daughters eyes, Professional and friendly. Explains what is happening with the eyes.

L Taylor (5) (27/06/2016)

 Very professional and excellent.  Manner with children made it fun, Thanks

H Jones (6&9) (27/06/2016)

 Made my sons experience lots of fun so no fear of coming for tests.  My daughter even took part in some of the tests so lots of fun.

H Williams (8) (23/09/2016)