The latest lenses at the best prices

Our contact lens options detailed below are available through a number of affordable packages. Simply add our low priced contact lenses and their cleaning products for the complete care plan price. This plan is tailor made depending on your needs, so the optometrist will help you work this out.

EYEDREAM contact lenses

Our newest addition is the astonishing and revolutionary EYEDREAM contact lens, which is actually worn at night and gently (but reversibly) reshapes the front of the eye enabling clear daytime vision without spectacles or contact lenses!

Current research strongly suggests that wearing these lenses actually slows down advancing short-sightedness (also known as myopia) in some patients.

For more information click here to visit Eyedream's website.

Soft lenses

The most popular choice due their superior comfort, and with modern materials, soft lenses allow excellent breathability. Soft contact lenses are so comfortable, that in most cases people forget they are wearing them! Even when on the eye for the first time, other than a slight awareness, there is usually no discomfort.

Most soft lenses are worn for a day before removing at night, and are replaced monthly, weekly or daily depending on budget, frequency, duration of wear and eye health.

Daily disposable contact lenses

With a wide range of high quality disposable lenses available, our experienced practitioners can help you achieve excellent vision. From as little as 74p per pair (bought in boxes of 30 pairs), our soft dailies offer optimum convenience for the wearer with no extra products needed to clean and store as they are disposed of after each use.

Monthly disposable contact lenses

From £5 per pair, our monthly disposables offer an inexpensive and convenient solution for those looking to keep their lenses for a longer period of time. These are removed daily, and stored in our special cleaning fluids overnight; this is repeated for a month before the lenses need to be replaced.

Continuous wear soft lenses are available and convenient, but careful discussion with your optometrist is essential due to their greater risk of eye infection.

Rigid “gas permeable” lenses

These small contact lenses use ultra-modern materials which allow the eye to breathe.

Hard contact lenses

The traditional option and now only rarely used, hard lenses are generally small and tough. These contact lenses are still available but rarely prescribed as they are impermeable to oxygen, which the front of the eye needs.

Special fittings and reading difficulties

A range of contact lenses is available to help those whose main difficulty is reading, or indeed where reading is an additional challenge.

We also undertake special fittings for patients with unusual eye conditions, such as Keratoconus, and for cosmetic purposes. Please discuss your fitting requirements with one of our dedicated optometrists, who will be happy to advise.

To book an initial assessment to find the right contact lens product for you, contact us in Morriston on 0800 023 5540.

Thorough and reassuring eye health check.  Despite a complex prescription, the optician strives to achieve the best vision possible and feel my health and vision is more important than the commercial aspect of my visit.  I feel that continuity of care is very important with complex vision problems.  

KR (51)

All staff friendly & Professional

TMc (41)

Brilliant, fast service.  Optician generously made time for contact lens consulation at short notice. Staff are welcoming and genuinely keen to help. 

CJ (27)

 Wonderful experience for my son who wants contact lenses.  Was even given a quick trial of a lens.  

SG (14)

 Staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful.  The eye tests and contact lens checks are always thorough.  The optician helped me choose glasses that suit my face shape and style.  

LJ (26)

 Pleasant, variety of different specs, Staff very helpful, Would recommend to others.

SB (55)

 I have always been treated with the upmost courtesy and professionalism. I would highly recommend Bater and Stout Opticians.

SD (55)

 Whenever I come it is very friendly they are helpful and always inform me on the new things they have available. Wouldnt go anywhere else.  

KL (17)

 Quick and efficeint - Optician was very nice and explained everything well, the photos of my eyes were fascinating!

JZJ (43)

 A very good and helpful experience, explained everything in detail.  would highly recommend to others

RC (24)

 Im happy to have my eyecare looked after by Bater & Stout, and always recommend to family and friends.

SF (21)

Receptionist staff friendly and helpful, Mr Stout very professional, friendly and happy. 

EO (31)

Started using Bater & Stout after having poor eye care at a major chain opticians.  Care has been excellent throughout my years as a customer.


 All staff are friendly and helpfull.  Made me feel comfortable whilst having my eyes tested.

AM (18)

Really good service, any questions are always answered thoroughly, along with any concerns. Testing is efficient and also thorough and all staff are always friendly and professional. Would recommend to anyone!


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