Eye Examinations

Our eye tests explained

To ensure that the health of your eyes is maintained and any problems with your vision are corrected, it is recommended that most people have an eye examination every two years.

The vision and health of the eye can be tested in more than 100 ways, and here at Bater & Stout Opticians we use a blend of traditional methods with some of the latest technology to provide the optimum eye test for each patient.

Our eye examinations last around 30 minutes, and during this time our optometrists are able to deliver the ultimate health check for your eyes. This service is complemented by guidance from our registered dispensing opticians and experienced support staff to convert the prescription into a perfect visual outcome through spectacles or contact lenses.

Our optometrists test and examine for many things during an eye test and examination, including:

  • Glaucoma - We look at the condition of the optic nerve in all patients, and if over 40, we also use a Tonometer, which measures the internal pressure (usually by a few of air puffs on the eye). High pressure is often present in glaucoma, which can damage the sensitive optic nerve. In around 95% of cases there are no symptoms for this condition, and glaucoma is often referred to as 'the silent thief of sight'
  • The Retina - Your retina is examined with an Ophthalmoscope and sometimes a binocular microscope, to ensure it is healthy and unchanged from previous examinations
  • Eye clarity - We examine the four distinct clear zones in the eye to ensure a clear image can be formed on the retina. This will also tell us if a cataract is present
  • Determining your prescription - A Retinoscope and careful additional tests will measure the eye's focusing ability and will determine the prescription of your spectacles or contact lenses
  • Health & lifestyle questionnaire - Information regarding your health, work life, personal circumstances and family history helps our experts gain an understanding of your needs
  • Eye co-ordination - Though a combination of simple and (where necessary) more sophisticated tests we can see how well and comfortably your eyes work together. Balanced eyes play an essential role in comfortable vision and enable the brain to see a 3D image from the two eyes
  • Outer surface conditions - Especially important in contact lens fittings, the silt lamp (binocular microscope) helps us check the cornea, iris and lens for any scratches, imperfections or abnormalities
  • Peripheral vision (visual fields) - Where necessary, we also measure your visual fields to inform us about the sensitivity of the peripheral part of the retina, and the integrity of the optic nerve between the retina and the back of the brain. We have excellent cooperation with local doctors, hospital eye clinics and pharmacies, so if any concerns arise appropriate action can be made without delay.

What our customers said about us

Always feel at ease and have total faith and confidence in their care which is always of highest quality and standard of service.

LF (69) (07/04/2015)

All very professional, friendly and felt very welcome.  (Like the new design you have done to the opticians) Very smart and clean looking.

DA (64) (22/05/2018)

Called for an emergency eye sight test on my son, was seen very quickly and the service could not be faulted. Thank you


LB(13) (01/04/2015)

All staff are very friendly from the moment I walked in to when I left, you can really tell Mr Stout cares about your eye health.  The whole experience was a pleasure.

HMD (26) (16/07/2018)

Staff are very nice

CM (60) (20/08/2018)

Seen without a long wait, no sales pressure


EE (66) (15/04/2015)

Excellent service at a very stressful time.  Mr Stout could not have done any more to help.

JM (71) (19/09/2018)

 The person i saw was very friendly and very professional. It was a pleasant visit.

KB (18) (01/05/2015)

 I have always been happy with the service that I have received from all members of staff.  

HME (80) (13/05/2015)

My Mother in Law and I recieved a friendly warm welcome.  Her eye problems were outlined and the service given was excellent, Thank you. 

BH(88) (29/05/2015)

Very friendly and helpful, as I was handicapped at the time.   

MEP (65) (01/06/2015)

Extremely professional, they ask you questions and you also have an input as well.

JRB (58) (02/06/2015)

 Brilliant, really efficient and gave that personal touch by phoning home to check on my progress.

RH (19) (09/06/2015)

 The first impressions are the friendly greetings by staff who were very helpful, The eye test itself was done in a very friendly and profesional manner.

PD (70) (09/06/2015)

The service was very efficient and friendly.   

SO (32) (18/06/2015)

 Very friendly and professional always willng to help

NP (55) (20/06/2015)

 My first visit to Bater and Stout was with my grandfather as he comes here and the staff are very friendly and suggested an eye test after expaining my difficulties.

AA(18) (02/07/2015)

 I arrived at 12:45 on a saturday!!  I wasnt turned away and i was checked thoroughly even though they were closing.  I was reassured at all times and a follow up appointment was made within a week.  

TT (50) (11/07/2015)

 Receptionists - good telephone manners, helpful and polite.  Opticians - thorough, professional and polite.  Would not think of changing opticians.

MB (65) (21/07/2015)

 Always feel cared for and very welcome

DR (45) (20/07/2015)

 My late husband and i have always liked the professionalism and friendliness of all the visits and service we have recieved at your morriston branch.  I like the welcome and friendly service i always receive.  

MME (81) (20/08/2015)

 Always greeted with a smile and everyone helpful, everyone has time to listen to any problems you may have, however trivial.  Thank you.

LT (74) (01/09/2015)

 Was put at ease about problem, everything was explained clearly, was not put off by resistance by hospital staff on phone about need to have further investigations at hospital that evening.  

LL (58) (05/09/2015)

 I was very impressed with the professionalism and how much help all the staff gave me.  Thank you so much for the help.

MJD (39) (07/09/2015)

Just a quick thank you for the diagnosis report as requested by the disability support dept of the Open University.  It describes perfectly my condition and will assist in the programme of support available to me. 

Also thank you for my wonderful little visum magnifier which rarely leaves my side now unless it's on charge!  You've no idea of the difference it has made to everyday tasks.

Finally thank you for your continuous excellent ,professional service from the moment we arrive at reception right through to the eye examination and after. 

I can't recommend you highly enough.  

HR (01/09/2015)

 Fab service, friendly people, will not have any issues bringing my nervous child again.

TD (5) (01/10/2015)

 Really friendly at the desk and on the phone.  Optician was really understanding and explained everthing clearly.  Had great support to choose my glasses and was surprised they were ready the same day.  

RE (28) (12/10/2015)

 Friendly staff at desk - helpful and accommodating.  Tony the optician was very thorough and patient.  The examination room was rather small for the wheelchair but we managed.

RM (94) (21/10/2015)

 Very nice, funny and friendly.  My daughter was happy with the test and happy with the glasses she wanted.

MR (28/10/2015)

My Husband and all three children visit your opticians, we always feel welcome and there is a friendly atmosphere.  The eye tests are very thorough. I will highly recommend Bater and Stout Opticians.

HW (38) (05/11/2015)

 I feel that Tony stout and I have a good rapport we seem to share some common interests and possibly similiar interests in our pasts, and we have a similiar sense of humour.

SC (65) (05/11/2015)

 Everyone I encountered on my arrival has been so warm, friendly and welcoming.  Truely lovely experience.

JE (27) (14/12/2015)

 The first visit was friendly, welcoming and made F feel at ease.  The optician was caring giving out his personal mobile number to contact him if any further problems over the christmas period.

FM (5) (06/01/2016)

 I was very worried about floaters in my left eye, I was reassured and had various tests. All staff are very helpful.

CJ (62) (26/01/2016)

 Was nervous but put at ease by receptionist, and very happy with the test. Optician was friendly and professional.

RW (53) (26/01/2016)

 Very plesant, cheerful and always helpful. Mr Bater always puts you at ease and I trust him 100% with my vision. Most helpful

EP (60) (26/01/2016)

 Really pleasant and helpful staff, and coudn't ask for a better service.

MF(65) (25/02/2016)

Young girl friendly and helpful on the desk - Lindsay friendly and experienced, picked up smallest problem and allowed me to decide what I wish to do about purchasing glasses when I am ready.   

SL (63) (22/03/2016)

 I was seen straight away without an appointment because I was in pain.  The staff were very kind and Mr Stout helped me with the pain and spoke to the hospital for me.  

EJ (15) (22/03/2016)

I am glad I have seen Mr Stout, He saved my eye sight. 

PAB (65) (22/03/2016)

From the moment you enter the door everyone is caring, helpful and friendly.  But most of all the optician makes you feel comfotable and welcome.  Plus the examination is not rushed and there is continuous and clear communication and explanation throughout.   

JK (11) (05/04/2016)

My visit was very pleasant and the staff polite and very welcoming. Mr stout was courteous and very thorough in his examination.   

AB (72) (27/04/2016)

 Very good service, professional, given correct diagnosis as far as I am aware. Hoping for a good outcome.

KDP (02/08/2016)

 Pleasant, friendly, no delay A+

BM (83) (23/09/2016)

Very friendly and professional

NJ (67) (26/05/2018)

After my GP advised me to arrange an appointment, I was so very glad of the prompt service also the assurances I was given after vigorous tests.  Thank you

RJB (73) (01/05/2018)

When I do visit Bater & Stout I feel you actually care about our eyesight and always return, so now I wont go anywhere else and do recommend you to other people.

JML (68) (02/05/2018)