Our eye tests explained

To ensure that the health of your eyes is maintained and any problems with your vision are corrected, it is recommended that most people have an eye examination every two years.

The vision and health of the eye can be tested in more than 100 ways, and here at Bater & Stout Opticians we use a blend of traditional methods with some of the latest technology to provide the optimum eye test for each patient.

Our eye examinations last around 30 minutes, and during this time our optometrists are able to deliver the ultimate health check for your eyes. This service is complemented by guidance from our registered dispensing opticians and experienced support staff to convert the prescription into a perfect visual outcome through spectacles or contact lenses.

Our optometrists test and examine for many things during an eye test and examination, including:

  • Glaucoma - We look at the condition of the optic nerve in all patients, and if over 40, we also use a Tonometer, which measures the internal pressure (usually by a few of air puffs on the eye). High pressure is often present in glaucoma, which can damage the sensitive optic nerve. In around 95% of cases there are no symptoms for this condition, and glaucoma is often referred to as 'the silent thief of sight'
  • The Retina - Your retina is examined with an Ophthalmoscope and sometimes a binocular microscope, to ensure it is healthy and unchanged from previous examinations
  • Eye clarity - We examine the four distinct clear zones in the eye to ensure a clear image can be formed on the retina. This will also tell us if a cataract is present
  • Determining your prescription - A Retinoscope and careful additional tests will measure the eye's focusing ability and will determine the prescription of your spectacles or contact lenses
  • Health & lifestyle questionnaire - Information regarding your health, work life, personal circumstances and family history helps our experts gain an understanding of your needs
  • Eye co-ordination - Though a combination of simple and (where necessary) more sophisticated tests we can see how well and comfortably your eyes work together. Balanced eyes play an essential role in comfortable vision and enable the brain to see a 3D image from the two eyes
  • Outer surface conditions - Especially important in contact lens fittings, the silt lamp (binocular microscope) helps us check the cornea, iris and lens for any scratches, imperfections or abnormalities
  • Peripheral vision (visual fields) - Where necessary, we also measure your visual fields to inform us about the sensitivity of the peripheral part of the retina, and the integrity of the optic nerve between the retina and the back of the brain. We have excellent cooperation with local doctors, hospital eye clinics and pharmacies, so if any concerns arise appropriate action can be made without delay.

Excellent service by the optician who explained everything thoroughly.

DG (66)

Mr Stout always meets you in person.  Very thorough at his job, describes every detail about your vision.  Truely a good professional.

GCT (75)

Very friendly and he explained to me very well, Im very happy.

SB (44)

My experience visiting Bater and Stout Opticians: Excellent

JAW (60)

Today visit was really great.  I would highly recommend other people to come for their eye test here.  

KH (27)

I am currently being treated at Singleton Ophthalmology for high inoccular pressure.  It was good to see Mr Stout today and keep up to date with my local optician.

DRW (43)

I was very pleased with the care that i received.

ELJ (77)

A lovely friendly welcome always Mr Stout is amazing, Very thorough & so helpful, Thank you.

RN (69)

Very professional throughout.

GMM (70)

Friendly and welcoming. Thorough examination using the most up to date technology,  explanation of findings given.

HR (58)

Prompt, polite, professional. Very customer friendly.

TD (72)

Everybody very pleasant and friendly.  Examination very thorough.  Mr Stout gave up his lunch hour on one occasion to fit me in.  Receptionists very helpful.

JP (76)

Would recommend without reservation.

PS (52)

Always plesant customer service, is always friendly and are very helpful.  Would always recommend them.

LE (62)

Very friendly & reassuring each time i have been for my appointments.  No complaints what so ever.

SJ (67)

Staff were very friendly, courteous.  My examination was carried out and explained to me with clarity in all stages.  My thanks to all.

JRW (73)

Very calm and pleasant. 

PD (65)

Very pleasant staff, quick, efficient service.  Thorough eye examination.  Good humoured optician.

JEC (41)

Very professional and testing procedures and results always well explained.

ALP (81)

Lovely opticians & always trying new technologies.

PV (54)

Tony is always friendly and ensures you are comfortable.  He is fantastic with my son and always goes the extra mile.

CC (40)

Tony was amazing with my daughter, so calm, patient and friendly.  Thank you so much.

RN (30)

My check-up was carried out efficiently and professionally with a pleasing result that my eyes are in good condition.

IL (71)

It is always a pleasant experience, the professionalism and specialism is second to none and you know you are in safe hands.

JP (75)

Always very helpful & Kind

GMH (91)

Always a welcome, a laugh and 100% satisfaction.

Excellent service, thanks.

BE (73)

I have total faith in Bater & Stout, they identify problems immediately and act on them.  I have visited other opticians over the years and none have the same standard of professionalism - Well done you!

SJ (53)

Very pleasant experience and I felt confident that I am having a thorough test.  I feel very relaxed.

BH (75)

Always a good experience & feel I have been treated with the best knowledge and complete trust.

JM (71)

Pleasant surroundings.  Friendly and helpful staff.  Informative and unbiased advice.  Helpful and pleasant experience.

RDH (64)

 Friendly and informative with no-one trying to sell glasses even though there was a very slight alteration in eyesight test.

ST (62)

 The staff are very friendly and professional. You are always called on time and they always advise you on which type of frames to have to suit the shape of your face.  

SH (71)

 Thorough eye examination, good follow up arrangements put in place to identity any ongoing issues.

JAR (89)

 Very friendly staff, fully explained my eye problem "astigmatism"

JS (54)

 Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Appointment on time, no delays, professional setup, very pleased.


Always helpful and cheerful in shop and on phone.  Any questions answered and feel confident with level of test.  Service with a smile always, Thank you :) 


 Ive been coming to Bater & Stout Opticians for over twenty years, before that my late husband came there and has always been most impressed with my treatment and welcome.  

SKW (69)

 Easily got an appointment at the time and date I wanted.  You have such a friendly and knowledgable staff that you feel confident that you are having the best service.  I would have liked a little more time taken over the examination.  Reassured my eyesight is fine, thank you for giving me peace of mind.  

AW (60)

 I found it very helpful and I learned several things that was useful and I intend putting into practice.

JCJ (80)

 Very efficient, friendly welcoming staff. Professional but friendly.  Would highly recommend.

KH (23)

 Visiting any medical establishment has never featured high on my agenda, I found the service relaxed and professional.  If i'd realised that eye tests were not so difficult, i would have definetly visited more often than once every 16 years.

MJ (44)

 Very good experience, friendly service, good selection :-)

PH (58)

 I thought the experience was something I havent experienced before, Pure brilliant.

LB (62)

 You are treated like one of the family.

KJ (68)

Only ever went to one opticians practice since 1947, which has now closed.  This opticians has the same personal experience. 

WD (73)

Very pleasant, staff service and approach to be commended!! 

MT (43)

I appreciated the consideration given to the fact that I am very deaf. 

MG (70)

The whole experience of visiting Bater and Stout was exceptional, Ive had eye/vision problems for many years but never been offered the lovely support I have from Bater and Stout. 

NM (47)

 Good, Friendly service, thorough eye test. I have confidence in their care of my eyes.

GT (62)

 Been here a good few years. Brilliant service & would highly recommend other to come here. 

CP (24)

 Excellent eye examination.  Mr Stout very professional and explained everything clearly, very pleasant and professional manner.

VH (67)

 The staff are friendly and approachable as well as knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend the service to friends and family on this basis.


 All staff were excellent, the optician was very informative and explained what he was doing and what it meant,  Excellent staff :) :)

SH (21)

 Its always a plesant experience, friendly outgoing staff whose smile lights up an often dismal day.  

JP (72)

 I have always seen Mr Bater who has answered all my queries knowledgeably and I have faith in his expertise and experience. I have no qualms about seeing Mr Stout as more exerience gains more knowledge.  


 I always worry about anything to do with my eyes and was put at ease due to the way everything was.  Very professional and friendly, I was impressed and would recommend this opticians to everyone.  Tony was a true gent.  Thank you


 I was always put at ease and all issues were discussed clearly.  It was an informative scenario, which has contributed to the up keep of my optical health.

AF (81)

 Friendly welcome, staff seem to know my  name!!  re-assuring examination.  Always feels at ease.  Good job!!

SJ (38)

 Mr Stout was fantastic - and very professional.  He explained everything to me and put me at ease (havent had an eye test before)

EF (66)

 I found my visit to the shop very friendly and informative and very professional, and I was made to feel at ease.

LM (65)

 Always find the eye tests are thorough and useful follow up advice is given.  New glasses are only recommended where change is significant.

BJJ (59)

 Every visit is always a pleasure, from the warm friendly welcome right through to glasses pick up.  Tony Stout is one of the most professional people I have ever known amd his customer service is second to none.  

DP (51)

 Put at ease

Prompt Service

Friendly & Humorous

Thorough and reassuring

SL (78)

 From the initial appointment call to the collection of my glasses the overall experience was enjoyable.  The staff are very welcoming, helpful and do their job well.  No complaints at all.

MG (57)

Staff was polite, friendly and helpful.  Eye test was carried out in a professional and efficient fashion.  I would recomend this opticians to my friends.

MM (82)

 Excellent in all aspects!

DJC (65)

Always welcoming, Mr Stout always remembers who I am making it a more personal experience.

LL (41)

 Ive been seen by each member of staff as Mr Bater pointed out to me, I have always been impressed from tests to supplying glasses to minor repairs and new cases when required, always a friendly welcome whenever I need anything or just making enqiries.  Thank you

JBL (83)

 Very professional showing high levels of care and feel safe in your care!!

MR (69)

 Very helpful staff who will spend as much time with you as needed.


 Prompt courteous service, shop well presented and spectacle frames clearly identified,

GO (58)

 Always very pleasant and helpful. each visit I make I laways learn a bit more of the way my eye's work and the explainations are on going concerning the whole eye.  

SJ (64)

 I always found all of the staff, friendly, helpful and efficient.  

JJ (80)

 My first visit to Bater And Stout Opticicans was excellent, I had a thorough examination, which I was very pleased with.  


 I have always left feeling that I have been seen to properly.

PSE (85)

 My visit was a good experience the optician was friendly and explained everything as we went through the examination.

WPD (67)

 As stated above, I have been a patient with Bater and Stout for over 20 years. The service and attention by staff is impeccable, would recommend to anyone.

JL (72)

 The appointment system is flawless. The staff are friendly, helpful and have an obvious pride in their practice.  My eye test was thorough and informative. I would recommend Bater and Stout as an optician of choice, as a customer I always feel valued.  

HR (55)

 Quiet, not long to wait, friendly & clean

DW (24)

 Excellent Service, staff give warm welcome, chatty, plenty of information.


 I have been coming to this opticians for some years now and im always very happy with the service from both receptionists and the optician,

JR (70)

 Happy experience to know my eyes are getting whatever care is needed.

AC (78)

 Always pleasant reception staff, very confident with examination received.

MC (71)

 I have always recieved excellent and efficient service at Bater & Stout, and i shall continue to come here for this service.

CL (24)

Bater and Stout provide a professional and friendly service . second to none - very satified. 


The staff are very friendly and always give a smile when you call.  Always a pleasure to call.


I have been coming to Bater and Stout opticians for a few years now, all my kids come too and we always get a good and friendly welcome. 

SJ (38)

Over the years I have had the confidence in the opticians professionalism and expertise. Thanks 

PM (53)

I would not go anywhere else for my eye test.  Completely trust Tony Stout; who answers my questions/queries with professionalism.  The staff are always so helpfull. 

IB (64)

 My appointment was punctual, everything was explained clearly at every stage.  

CD (69)

Very welcoming and friendly staff, made me feel very comfortable whislt being seen by the optician.  Very informative and un-nerving. 

CH (18)

 Always a pleasure at my age to be given a friendly welcome and by professionals

EBN (86)

 Great service & had glasses the following day!!

J & R N

A warm welcome, professional, excellent, made comfy and relaxed. 

MJL (70)

Excellent, professional and friendly service.  Able to answer questions and concerns I had, have recommeded and will continue to recommend.   

JB (31)

Friendly, professional, welcome, efficient, well informed service and overall high quality. 

LW (49)

 Each time my wife or myself have to visit all the members of staff are always friendly and helpfull at all times.

RB (66)

 I enjoy visiting Bater & Stout, the staff are always helpful and they take time to explain everything to you.

MS (52)

 Good Good Good.  What more can I say?  I come sometimes moody but always leave with a smile on my face. HAHA!!!

RH (70)

 I found my experience very easy and welcoming. never had any problems, very happy with the current service.


 You were pleasant, Polite, Professional, friendly making my time during the test extremely comfortable.


 I always look forward to my visits.  The visit is always conducted very professionaly but with a little humour.

AS (62)

 Very Good for all aspects of the visit.


 Excellent thorough examination, friendly service and helpful explanation of the findings and results of the examination.  Highly recommeded service.

DM (49)

 Very professional, very helpful and makes you feel at ease.

DJS (84)

Mr Stout is always friendly and gives an excellent summary/explaination of the whole eye exam. Very satisfied, as always. Thanks

SP (51)

 Very glad I took advice from others to come here!!

GJ (72)

Always feel relaxed, friendly atmosphere, really helpful if I have any problems with my glasses. 

SB (53)

Whenever I visit Bater and Stout I feel the advice i'm given is always professional and in my best interest.  I look forward to my check up and seeing the friendly staff.

DC (27)

I Shall Return


JC (65)

Had to return due to not being able to get along with glasses but Mr Stout was a gentleman. The Problem was to do with my not telling Mr Stout my specific needs


AY (57)

Always a nice place to visit, very friendly and polite. Thank you

JB (71)

Always a first class service


AB (57)

Very Helpful, I must say that the text I received re:apt was excellent


HB (67)

I was welcomed as a friend and the whole experience of my eye sight test was warm and friendly. Will recommend Bater & Stout to all my family and friends


JA (44)

Very thorough eye examination, my concerns were listened to and I had a full explanation and reassurance of the concerns I raised


BC (62)

They are friendly welcoming and helpful and do their best to accommodate any wants and needs


ST (31)

First class and friendly, all aspects were fully explained


MG (67)

Friendly, professional help & advice, Clear explanations always given, would thoroughly recommend to family and friends


LE (50)
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