Clearer vision and clearer prices

We dispense a complete range of lenses, from the most advanced high definition digital lenses to the basics.

Catering to patients throughout Swansea, Neath, Morriston, Swansea Valley, Pontardawe and Gower, the Bater & Stout team offer the following options to help you discover the lenses that are right for you...

  • Single vision – to correct distance, reading or mid-distance (such as computer screens or music reading) visual problems
  • Bifocals - to correct any two combinations of vision by means of a separate, visible segment at the bottom of the lens
  • Varifocals – the modern solution, combining all your visual needs without the need for a visible segment
  • Photochromic – known as “automatic sunglasses”, these lenses change colour automatically from almost clear indoors to a sunglass tint outdoors, as the light levels increase. These lenses are available for most prescriptions and offer excellent UV protection
  • Polarised – These very special sun lenses give unparalleled protection from reflected glare (produced by snow, wet roads and the sea etc.). Polarised lenses offer the most comfortable vision in any glare conditions, plus outstanding UV protection
  • Thinner lenses - We can reduce the thickness, weight and bulbousness of your lenses by up to 65%! This is especially important for medium to high-powered spectacles, and greatly improves the appearance and lightness of the spectacles
  • Anti-Reflection - We like to treat lenses with a tough, anti-reflection coating, which renders the lens almost invisible, improves contrast, enhances appearance for the wearer, and reduces night-time dazzle – this is especially important with thinner lenses as they are more reflective!

We are delighted to offer Kodak Lens Vision Centre's state-of-the-art spectacle lenses, including the recent innovations of high definition digital and freeform lenses. These give the sharpest vision of all lenses and offer exceptional value for money.

Same day service

Our modern on-site laboratory and stock of high quality, ultra-clear, scratch-resistant lenses enables us to provide same day spectacles for 95% of single vision lenses. Our in-house spectacle lens glazing facility also allows excellent turnaround times on other spectacles, and we are able to tint lenses on the premises.

Simply order by 3pm, and you’ll have them the same day – please check with our staff for further details.

To find out more about our lens options please contact our friendly and helpful team on 0800 023 5540. You can also email us for further information.
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