01 Oct 2014

Want Freedom from Contact Lenses and Spectacles

Want Freedom from Contact Lenses and Spectacles

Here at Bater & Stout Opticians, we pride ourselves on offering the latest innovations in eye care. For many spectacle wearers, contact lenses provide the perfect dose of freedom for that night out or whilst participating in sporting activities, but what if I told you that clear vision could be harnessed without spectacles or contacts?

EyeDream contact lenses offer the most revolutionary product that the eye care world has seen to date. Read on to discover more about the science behind EyeDream lenses and whether this ground-breaking solution is right for you!

How do EyeDream lenses work?

EyeDream contact lenses provide a form of vision therapy. The product utilises a technique called orthokeratology, where users apply the lenses at night and remove them in the morning for clear, natural vision throughout the rest of the day.

EyeDream lenses gently reshape the front of the eye, a process that is reversible, to ensure clear daytime vision.

The benefits of EyeDream technology

As well as being able to harness clear daytime vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses, EyeDream lenses unlock a number of other benefits also. These benefits include:

  • Increased comfort throughout the day, something that isn’t possible with extended use of contact lenses or spectacles
  • The chance to get involved, without limits, in sporting activities
  • An easy to use option as only overnight wear is required
  • A comfortable and semi-permanent alternative to laser surgery, spectacles and conventional contact lenses
  • A safe solution to correct short sightedness

For those who have considered refractive surgery to gain clearer vision, EyeDream provides a great way to achieve your aims without facing the risks, uncertainties and permanence of surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate for EyeDream lenses?

As with wearing any type of contact lenses, users must fit a certain criteria to be suitable for overnight lens wear. EyeDream lenses are perfect for individuals with low to mid short sightedness, also known as myopia. Research has also shown that these lenses slow down advancing short sightedness.

To find out more about EyeDream, contact the Bater & Stout team today on 01792 773109 to book an appointment.

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