14 May 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Our Eye Care Services

The Ultimate Guide to Our Eye Care Services

As one of Swansea’s most respected opticians, we are proud to present a wide ranging and all-inclusive list of services to our patients. Making great eye care possible is what we do here at Bater & Stout Opticians, and our dedicated team are highly experienced and qualified to deliver the highest possible standards.

With the launch of our brand new website, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give you an introduction to our comprehensive selection of efficient, affordable and effective services.

Eye examinations

Booking in for a regular eye exam is an important part of maintaining clear vision, whether you are long sighted, short sighted or suffer from an eye condition. Our eye tests last for 30 minutes and we use a number of traditional and modern methods to determine your latest prescription and identify any underlying problems.

Spectacle lenses and frames

From our centrally located branch, we are able to provide the latest collections for ladies, men, teens and children, so that every customer that comes through our door can find the frame and lenses that suit their needs and budget.

As your local Kodak Lens Vision Centre, we deliver a vast selection of lens types. Patients can also discover frames that fit with our unique sourcing service, where our team will scan the market on your behalf to find the frame type, colour and style that you desire.

At Bater & Stout we also stock and supply a collection of UV protective sunglasses, so you can combine clear vision and style during those spring and summer months.

Contact lenses

We understand that spectacles aren’t suitable for every occasion, that’s why we provide a variety of contact lenses. Offering soft lenses, daily disposables, monthly disposables, rigid lenses, hard lenses and EyeDream contact lenses, you can source a solution that suits your lifestyle.

Eye health treatment and advice

As well as measuring your sight and correcting your vision to perfection, we also identify and offer advice regarding numerous eye conditions, including dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, detached or torn retinae and macular degeneration. Where it is necessary, our specialists will refer you to your local eye hospital.

Discover more about our long list of services by browsing our website or contacting us today.

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